Retail, we translate the

latest fashion to

a beautiful store!

Retail, something we’re good at!

We love beautiful, good stores, we love a concept (in other words, the story behind the company), A concept harnessed into all its facets. A concept that reflects in the design and appearance of a store. It’s amazing to do the thing you love for a living.


No brand is too much for us!

Hearing a concept and translating it to the interior of a business in agreement with the client. That’s what we at 8bouwmanagement are good at. This is, naturally, because we’re driven and have the knowledge and insight, but especially because it’s our passion. It’s this passion combined with insight and knowledge that create many successful projects in retail. Thanks to our experience, we need very little instruction. We provide old-fashioned service in a new way. The eight in our name? It stands for infinity: infinite service, an endless eye for detail. Endless interest in developments in our field. Development that creates an even better final result.