The hospitality industry, the branch where everything’s about the experience.

The hospitality industry, one of our fields

What do we do within the hospitality industry? It’s quicker to ask us what we don’t do within the hospitality industry. We’re always looking for beautiful projects with a good story. There’s nothing we won’t do. It’s never too small. We take care of the building supervision for large restaurants but also small lunchrooms.  

It’s very important to us to listen to the needs of the client. 8Bouwmanagement is honest in indicating which need can be realised and which will be more difficult. Of course, we’ll look for a suitable solution for each need. The feeling of the restaurant owner must be reflected in the restaurant, seeing how he or she knows best what experience they want the restaurant to provide. Let’s be honest, it’s all about the experience in the hospitality industry.

If something is important in the hospitality industry, it’s that the customer is comfortable. The appearance of the business must match the concept. Achieving a proper balance! There’s a reason we do a lot of jobs in the hospitality industry. Simply because we understand what’s needed and don’t need much instruction. Additionally, we notice that critical planning can make or break something in the hospitality industry. And our Rotterdam mentality where a deal is a deal suits this excellently. In other words, don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk!

Proud of the RotterTram

We were actively involved with the development of the RotterTram. This historical tram starts riding again and will be completely renovated into a restaurant. Suzanne Knecht managed to accomplish this with the help of many investors. Why did she do this? In Rotterdam, the tram is a staple of the landscape. From the tram, you see the city go by. This can now be combined with a delicious meal and great company. 

From instruction tram to riding restaurant!

Tram 1629 was previously an instruction tram and is now renovated into an amazing restaurant. One of the challenges was to convert the electricity of the overhead cable to useful electricity, so the kitchen appliances would work. Additionally, we removed the entire existing interior, after which the customised interior could be installed. The entire kitchen had to be customised as well, seeing how the place had no standard kitchen sizes.