8Bouwmanagement. Since 2008.

Quality in every square metre.


Construction and renovating without worry. We guarantee it. We are the eyes and ears in the work place, from painter to interior builder: they will only head home when we say the job is done.

''Good building supervision pays for itself. Always.''

''More experience, a down-to-earth view and a realistic plan of requirements.'' 

''Quality in every detail. From shop interior to apartment. We’re never truly satisfied.''

Service with heart and mind 

8Bouwmanagement works for private clients, fashion brands, entrepreneurships and estate agents. From immaculate paintwork to a perfectly placed interior, from apartment to flagship store; we ensure everything falls into place during construction.

We’re small enough to work for private projects and large enough for well-known brands. They run their business, we take care of renovation. Even in the evening and the weekend, because once again; the work is never done.